Cubox-M and CEC

I’m Solidrun customer from long time ago. I bought my first cubox (Armada) more or less 10 years ago and in 2015 the second one Cubox-i 4x4 (4 core x 4GB ram)
I use It with geexbox distro (but I don’t update It from longtime) and I found HDMI CEC functionality very comfortable.

Now I’m looking for an upgrade of Cubox-i 4x4 basicly because It doesn’t support h265 hardware decoding and because USB 2.0 doesn’t have an high transfer rate.

I thinking to the top Cubox-M.

So the questions:
What software for Cubox-M supports CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and work fine with It?
Cubox-M supports h265 decoding (I think yes)?
Cubox-M supports 4K fluid resolution?

Thanks in Advance.

I have verified that CEC is functional with the standard cec-client command-line tool. The Cubox-M does support h265/HEVC decoding however only up to 1080p60 video format. It does support 4K30 resolution output. I hope that helps you, please let me know if you need any other questions answered.

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Wonderful! Thanks a loro for your quick reply.
Ok for the command line tool but It not clear for me if now there are operating systems for Cubox-M ready to use CEC and easy to config.
In my past experience geexbox was able to get TV remote commands in few config steps.
I have to check if geexbox supports Cubox-M but, if not, I can use CEC with Debian as operating system?
Or there are other OS alteady ready?

Currently we support Yocto and Debian, however we have had a couple of discussions with the LibreElec community regarding adding support. I have it on my list to test their experimental iMX8 support. Perhaps I will shoot that in a video and post that to our channel. Otherwise I will just update you here in the forums.

Could be fantastic if you can make a video with all examples: Yocto , Debian and LibreElec. Just few steps of each of them.
This will contribute significantly to choosing Cubox-M for my upgrade.
Let me know in this post if you can/choose to do this way.