CuBox-M not boot

So we have used over 300 Solidrun Cubox-i (model: I2EXW-300) and now Cubox-M for the first time. The first thing I don’t understand is that the sticker doesn’t say what model it is. We have bought the 1GB and 4GB version and they are not distinguishable externally.

I have loaded the images from SolidRun Images and copied them to the Micro SD card. No device could be started. I have tried Debian and Android but neither works. However, I was able to find that with Power over Ethernet the image “sr-imx8-debian-bullseye-20210621-cli-imx8mp-sdhc-cubox-pulse.img” starts and I can log in via SSH. On the HDMI port I have no picture or signal. I tried 8 different models in the process. On the old models there was an OTG interface with which you had a serial console. This interface if it is present on this model does not work for me.

The specification of the device is encoded in sku. You can use this page to decode that information, SolidRun SKU Guide | SolidRun

Can you please message me in private your order number so we can reference the models that you have purchased in our database? Thanks.

Thank you very much for the Guide. Now I can identify the device. As soon as I get the order number from my boss I will send it.

Hi there,

I have the same problem, nothing on hdmi. Just got a couple of iMX8MP CuBoxes and flashed sr-imx8-debian-bullseye-20210706-cli-imx8mp-sdhc-cubox-pulse onto an sd card as per the guide.

I can ssh on to the devices over USB but there is no hdmi output. Using tools like xrandr I always get the error “Can’t open display”. And although there is a mini-hdmi port somewhere in /sys/platform, it seems there isn’t any actual display or hdmi device.

Any suggestions ?