Cubox-i series with Debian 11- HDMI Audio and 3d acceleration working?

Hello , Solidrun Developers and Forum.
I recently purchased 2 Cubox Devices secondhand, (I2 and I4P) and they are beeing shipped to me now.
I am preparing and gathering resources now , to be ready to work on them as they arrive.

My big question is : In the offical distributed debian 11 image by solidrun , is the HDMI Audio working?
And: In what state is the 3d acceleration?
EDIT: Waht is the offical and nonoffical limit to the MICRO-SD Capacity?
Since im looking forward in creating myself a tiny , eneryefficient desktop machine , those two features would be surely a nice to have.
I am aware of the Platforms limititations and possibilitys;
just wanted to inquire , if these features are given in your latest debian release.

With best greetings;

The iMX6 and CuBox-i should be well supported in mainline linux, with support for HDMI Audio as well as basic 3d acceleration and hardware encoding / decoding. The 3D graphics is supported by the etnaviv kernel and mesa drivers. If you want to use the closed source binary vivante drivers then we recommend you use a custom Yocto image. If you find any issues be sure to report them and we will gladly help to get things fixed.