Install Android on Cubox-i4 Pro

I own a Cubox-i4 Pro for a long time ago (pre-ordered before official release :wink:).
This is really a marvelous product which is working fine from the beginning with openelec and now libreelec.
Now, I would like to turn it into an android box, but can’t find any image file.
Is there an android image available somewhere ?

We found newer versions of Android to be far too resource intensive for the older iMX6 based SOCs and no longer supported builds beyond the older 4.4 releases that were current when the devices were released. Specifically the GPU was not fast enough to support 1080p resolutions with newer versions of Android.

I will need to check to see what NXP’s support status of Android on the iMX6 is, but if they have a more recent release it should be easy enough to build an image that works on the Cuboxi.


Thanks for your answer.
I’d be curious to try if an image will be available.

Bruno Schiettecatte.

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