Problem with Debian Bullseye installation from built image

I used the GitHub - SolidRun/lx2160a_build: Scripts to build basic images for LX2160A COM express type 7 modules repo to build a Debian-based image.
I replaced ${DISTRO:=ubuntu} by ${DISTRO:=debian} and built the image using the docker commands.
I then flashed the img on a SD card.

After booting on the SD card (cf bootswitch configuration), when I type “load mmc 0:1 0xa4000000 debian-bullseye.img” in the prompt, I get the following error after a small delay:
mmc fail to send stop cmd
** fs_devread read error - block
Failed to load ‘debian-bullseye.img’
How can I fix this?

This command (and the next two) are working when I put an Ubuntu img file on the SD card.

Thank you for your time.
Best regards,

I wrote the same image on the SD card again and the error disappeared.
I guess I had a writing error when I wrote the image the first time.

Is there any clean way to mark this problem as solved?