Need to understand if clearfog cn9130 pro has any server support?

We are going to use CLEARFOG CN9130 PRO and are not sure if it provides us with any server support?
Can anyone help me understand if there’s any inbuilt server support provided by SolidRun?

I am not sure what you mean by server support. Do you wish to run a specific enterprise distribution on the hardware, or is it a specific service like an web server? The ClearFog can run most Linux distributions, as well as most BSD based distributions and all the software they support.

Yes it’s a web server i.e Apache Web Server we want to add on the CN9130. Can we add it on the CN9130.

Yes absolutely. If you are using a standard distribution you can just install it through the package manager. If you are using an embedded distribution like Yocto or BuildRoot you will need to add it to the build recipe for your image and build a new image. Other than that it works exactly as any other Apache installation.

So this is possible right - Support of HTTP Server on Solidrun board.

Yes all should run fine on it.

Thank you so much for guiding me through.
And just one last thing solidrun doesn’t have inbuilt web server right? We manually have to add it on?

Yes, our images are base developer images. Only the drivers and software required to run the device are included.

Are there any documents or references which we can follow to install http server on SolidRun board?

This all depends on distribution you are using. There is nothing specific to the board or BSP regarding installing a web server on your distribution. You just need to follow the instructions for the linux distribution you have chosen to run on your system. For example if it is Debian or Ubuntu then you will use apt, if it is Yocto then you will need to follow their instructions for adding Apache to your build image, same with BuildRoot.