CN9130 base OpenWrt

Dear all,
regarding the “software compatibility” the CN9130 base, is marked for Debian and Ubuntu.

I’ve one CN9130base, already configured with Ubuntu, booting it from eMMC (after installing U-boot bin image into the eMMC and using the configured image file for the board) and managed with Cockpit.

Regarding the OpenWrt, is there an updated support page to release 20.xx or is in the plan of SolidRun to release a series of “ready to use” image files?

I’m not a developer and having access to pre-built system image will help to reduce time for testing the board for networking appliance with ZeroTier or WireGuard.

Thank You


I have a similar question, I have started a conversation on this thread, Booting OpenWrt on ClearFog CN9130-Pro . I assume the pro vs base won’t be too different in the openwrt enablement.

currently the CN9130 base, on my side, is running with the Ubuntu image provided by SolidRun.

I think thank the base and pro differs in some aspects like the ethernet ports number and i/o.

The SOM CN9130 is the core, around it, the peripheral connections to/from the SOM’s connectors.

Not sure at all about the building from OpenWrt / Build image source on github and the way to “package” all the necessary files, like DTB file and other that are used by the booting process/kernel with the hw configuration.

As I said, I’m not a developer and can not spend all the time to try to build image, u-boot configuration, etc…maybe that for a developer is more simple in many aspects.

When the Openwrt image will be available, I’ll try to use it.


I was able to pull the DTS file for the pro edition from the ubuntu image. If you are willing to test images, I can try the same steps for a DTS file for the base. The generated images are 10MiB so I should be able to email? it.

should be a good idea to share the image and how to note on OpenWrt? This in order to have additional support

Currently the CN9310Base is running well with Ubutntu and I’ve no much time to test other image.

Thank You

…in OpenWrt support forum/page.