How to Build Yocto Setup?

I have SolidRun CLEARFOG CN9130 PRO device and trying to build the yocto setup for the same. I found “meta-SolidRun-BSP” on your GitHub page but it is for imx6 based platforms.
want to know if they provide BSP for CLEARFOG CN9130 PRO?
please provide some reference documentation for yocto setup to build project for CLEARFOG CN9130 PRO?

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I found a repository for CLEARFOG link: GitHub - SolidRun/meta-clearfog: Yocto meta layer for SolidRun Clearfog platforms
but the thing is This layer provides support for SolidRun Clearfog Armada 388 based platforms
for use with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto.
I am looking for the OCTEON CN9130 Pro platform.
I don’t know what are the required changes need to be done for creating a build for OCTEON CN9130 Pro in the existing repository. if anyone has an idea to do this, share it with us.


You might find this repo interesting:

It’s not an official one, but I created it in order to be able to build yocto images for cn9130-cf-base. The Pro variant has not been tested, but it should not be too difficult to make the necessary adaptations.

It would be great to improve the layer and make it compatible with more platforms.