Building image for CN9130 pro


I have SolidRun CLEARFOG CN9130 PRO and trying to cross-compiled using build-root. referred to the GitHub repository for SolidRun build-root and found that they have provided Buildroot’s support for the Clearfog Base.

I have built the image by following the steps given in the GitHub repository. it created an image for armada-388-CLEARFOG-base which was not used for me.

I am trying to build it for CLEARFOG OCTEON CN9130 PRO. is there any way to build an image for OCTEON CN9130 PRO.
steps to build an image using build-root for OCTEON CN9130 PRO.



I am still struggling with it. gone through the SolidRun documentation but did not get a proper way to find a relevant approach to do it.
can someone help me out to get over this?

Hi Sujay,

Apologizes for the late response. did you manage or are you still struggling?