Build image for CN9130 pro Using BuildRoot


trying to build an image using BuildRoot. cloned the GitHub repository and found a config file for the solidrun_clearfog board. in the readme.txt file, they have mentioned generated build for Armada A388 based board.

BuildRoot GitHub Repository link: buildroot/board/solidrun/clearfog at master · SolidRun/buildroot · GitHub

I am trying to build for OCTEON CN9130 PRO. they have not mentioned what required changes should need to make to build for CN9130.
If have any relevant information for doing this share it with us helped us to build for OCTEON CN9130 PRO.


We still don’t have buildroot documented for the cn9130
Software-wise, the CN9130 is a continuation of the Armada 8040 and not the A388.
The folloiwng like might be more relevant:


will try this approach and check whether able to build it or not. accordingly will revert back to you.