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Which of the following images should you download, for my humming board pro with imx6

Unfortunately that project does not build images compatible with our platforms. This system is built using buildroot, which does have full support for our boards using the mx6cubox_defconfig configuration. It should be relatively easy to add support for our boards to the project.

If my board is a humming board, which of the images should I download?

CuBox should work

The version of Cubox downloaded from the web page will not work on hummingboard sbcs, you will only see it start in a loop.

For it to work, you have to include the corresponding sbc dtb file in the lakka boot partition, and add imx6dl-hummingboard.dtb or corresponding to each model.

So our u-boot for the iMX6 (mainline also) will auto-detect the board it is running on and properly select the proper device-tree file. All that is needed is to include all the imx6cubox and hummingboard files in the boot partition. It should work seamlessly.

i searched the file, but i could not find it. Please can you show me where download it. thank you

I will try and write up some instructions for you. Will also test this out myself. Which emulators are you most interested in? I am thinking about doing some benchmarking on the CuBox vs CuBox-M