ClearFog ITX /CEX7 yocto build

Hi @jnettlet,

The current script is a big bodge in order to generate a bootable linux disto on the CEX7 - which I totally understand the reasons behind in order to get something working. But using the CEX7 within a product raises many challenges most notably

  • repeatable builds
  • offline builds (air gapped networks)
  • ease of maintenance for package updates / additions / CVE analysis
  • ease of custom package / application development

As such we currently use yocto as our default build system for other products. It would be really helpful if SolidRun was able to support lx2160acex7 as a machine in a meta layer in the NXP yocto manifest.

  1. is there a plan for adding CEX7 support under yocto
  2. if yes to [1] what is the timescale, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year …
  3. if no to [1] then is there a plan for a different build system. e.g. nix, buildroot, … or is it SolidRuns intention to leave the problem to it’s customers


Let me evaluate what NXP has for their Yocto meta-layer for the layerscape platform and get back to you. The image produced by the lx2160a_build repo is not meant as a production platform, but a quick way to evaluate the NXP BSP based on a distro that most customers request. Ultimately the best path forward will be SystemReady ES and SystemReady IR firmwares that can then work with any mainline kernel based distro. I would say we are currently 98% there.

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