Docker issues with building cn913x_build

I’m starting to do development to look at the CN913x SOM on the clearfog development board. The first step is rebuilding all the software.

(Bash)% docker build --build-arg user=$(whoami) --build-arg userid=$(id -u) -t cn913x_build docker/
Sending build context to Docker daemon 2.048 kB
Step 1/7 : FROM golang:1.20-alpine

<Lots of delete text with “link” so I can’t post it>>

—> 12d7310e12ea
Step 2/7 : WORKDIR /src
—> d542fc70e65d
Removing intermediate container 4ae266485d7f
Step 3/7 : COPY . .
—> 84f9aaebca29
Removing intermediate container 54d42569759c
Step 4/7 : RUN go mod download
—> Running in ac732c2ffffb

go: no modules specified (see ‘go help mod download’)
The command ‘/bin/sh -c go mod download’ returned a non-zero code: 1

This is the first line in the GitHub - SolidRun/cn913x_build instructions.

Any suggestions?