Fakeroot needs update in https://github.com/SolidRun/cn913x_build.git

Using this project:

… on this system
zeno@vm-ubuntumate22-04:~/workspace/cn9130/cn913x_build$ uname -a
Linux vm-ubuntumate22-04 5.15.0-43-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 12 10:30:17 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

… and running the build script as
BOARD_CONFIG=1 CP_NUM=1 ./runme.sh

the build failed in buildroot’s package fakeroot, with compiler error about “_STAT_VER” unknown.

The fakeroot package in the version of buildroot used is 1.20.2. I replaced this package with a more recent package, which pulls fakeroot 1.25.3. The build then proceeds past this step.

I didn’t see any mention of this yet in the forum, so posting it now.