Booting OpenWrt on ClearFog CN9130-Pro

I have run into an RCU stall when booting openwrt on my ClearFog CN9130 Pro. In my recent past this problem was solved by using the right dts file. I have tried to use a dts file from upstream linux but that wasn’t working for me.

Are there patches needed to the dts file in order to boot openwrt on CN9130-Pro ?

We are working on an OpenWRT patchset. It will be published soon.

I am happy to do some testing if that is needed. Please reply here if I can assist.

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@jnettlet Any updates? I see in github repo there are some device tree patches. Would putting all those patches into an device tree file be a worthwhile test? Or is there more behind the scenes work ?

@jnettlet , I pulled the device tree file from the ubuntu image that solid run posted on Applied it to the build tree for openwrt and the board comes up and seems to be working well. I am wondering if you can post or link to the original device tree file as the decompiled file is not suitable for inclusion upstream. I am happy to slog to get it upstreamed, but I have to have a decent file to begin with.
Happy to answer any questions.

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is there anything new for an official .defconfig?