Cex7-lx2160 and Fedora IOT? is it SystemReady?

Can I use Fedora IOT with CEX7-LX2160? Is it SystemReady?

We have a edk2/uefi based SystemReady ES firmware available for the HoneyComb. Typically Fedora IOT uses a SystemReady IR based firmware. I am working on enabling this for our hardware and am working with Fedora / RedHat to make sure the system is fully supported.

We are using SolidRun’s Cex7-lx2160 SOM (NXP Layerscape LX2160A COM | LX2160A Computer On Module | SolidRun).

Is it the same firmware as the HoneyComb?


The SOM is currently not supported and would require additional changes. Currently only the NXP BSP and Ubuntu image provided by lx2160a_build are available for the lx2162 SOM.

It’s a LX2160A SOM - not LX2162 - is it not SystemReady?

The Fedora IOT team said they didn’t test it, but if it’s SR-IR then it’d be supported by them.

We do not make a LX2160a SOM. We make a LX2160a based Com Express Type 7 module, and our LX2-Lite based SOM which has the LX2162A. The LX2160a CEX7 module is being worked on to support SystemReady IR, it is already SystemReady ES certified.

cool! I meant the LX2160a CEX7 module, thank you for the correction.

Can you please help me understand what does it mean “working on to support IR”? does it mean we will have to take your U-Boot patches once it ready? or is there pre-U-Boot firmware we can replace?


You can start by using the spi targeted bootloader from lx2160a_build on images.solid-run.com, however this is not SystemReady IR and will be missing pieces needed to work with Fedora IoT. It is very much targeted towards booting NXP’s BSP based images.

Thank you. If I do take Fedora IOT - what will not work for me?

That I can not answer. I have not tested Fedora IoT with the NXP BSP u-boot bootloader. Once the SystemReady IR firmware is finished all the hardware on the board should be supported.

Thank you! Do we know when SR-IR will be ready for the LX2160a CEX7 module?

I did get Fedora Server and CoreOS running fine on the honeycomb box with UEFI and a tweek to grub…

Thanks! So I guess we can use Fedora IOT with the LX2160a CEX7 module, even if it is not SR-IR yet, as long as we are willing to do uboot/grub/kernel changes then

possibly we should take the Fedora IOT kernel as a base, and add any NXP/SolidRun out-of-tree patches?