Sensors terminal output

I am trying to measure power on ClearFog CX LX2 (paired with a Cavium Thunder X2). By using the “sensors” command on linux, I get the attached output.

I am assuming that pout is the power output of the device, however, the output shows 2 instances of the same, namely: pout1 and pout2.

Are both these referring to ClearFog? or how do I correlate these values with the devices?

Both are tied to the same rail reading SENSEVDD_PL from the LX2160a core voltage. The difference being the vsense1 circuit is internally shorted to ground, while the vsense0 circuit is connected to VDD_SENSE_N.

Thank you for your answer, however, I am still a bit puzzled, theoretically speaking.

If I am required to explain/utilize these values (namely pout 1, pout 2), what can I infer from them and what do they mean for power consumption of the device’s core?

the first pout is measuring the power usage of the platform (SOC) with an internal reference…so no losses.

Thank you!

So is the second one measuring power only for the core?