Power measurement for clearfog CX LX2K

I am trying to measure the power consumption of this board while scheduling various jobs.

However, the block diagram suggests that there is no power management module from which we can read values (similar to RAPL).

Any guidance regarding this would be very helpful.

you can read some values from the dc to dc converter on the i2c bus, but that is limited to the SOC and DDR. Also depending on the revision of your CEX7 module be careful about accessing that device. Early boards did not have the read only pin pulled low and scanning the I2C bus could cause the dc2dc to wipe out its settings. You can compare your board revision to the changes under the CEX7 errata page at https://developer.solid-run.com

Alternatively you can put an inline power measurement device inline to the 12V power source. Our boards only use the 12V power of the ATX header and full board power can be tested there.