Flash Ubuntu image to SATA drive

I would like to flash an image based on the lx2160a_build distribution to a SATA drive. I’m a bit confused by the documentation and I’m wondering if I’m not understanding the instructions.

From the document:

It says to run these commands from u-boot to flash to the SATA drive:

#load mmc 0:1 0xa4000000 ubuntu-core.img
#nvme scan
#nvme write 0xa4000000 0 0xd2000

This doesn’t work and I feel that that I should be using “sata” instead of “nvme”. However, there is no u-boot “sata” command.

Am I missing something?

the nvme command is specific to nvme storage. In u-boot to access sata drives you use the scsi command

Thanks. I’ll do that. I was thinking sata and not scsi.

The software doc could use an update to reflect this information.