Anyone tried flashing uefi f/w to SPI?

Has anyone tried flashing the latest UEFI firmware to the SPI flash so that the SD card can be freed up for other purposes? There are vague documentation references to flexspi_nor, but I can’t see an actual doc page showing how to do it (not to mention which toolkit to get the tool from).

No response yet? I would be interested to know this, too.

This can be done by booting with u-boot and flashing the SPI uefi image following the same instructions that are documented on the website

I wrote a UEFI img to an SD card from SolidRun Images (matching RAM speed). I wanted to write this to eMMC (or SPI), but wasn’t able to figure out the commands in either uboot or UEFI.
In uboot ls of the SD card MMC device said “unrecognized filesystem” so I didn’t know what to pass the load command. I was obviously booting from SD card using the SD image not the SPI one.

I would definitely recommend SPI-NOR. Current easiest method (I am working on a better one) is to grab a generic lx2160a_build u-boot image like for instance (most systems will boot with DDR 2400 speeds), and write that to a uSDHC card. Then mount the first partition on that card and delete the Ubuntu image file on it. Then grab the image that matches your hardware from SolidRun Images , making sure it is a flexspi image and copy that onto the uSDHC and extract it. Then boot that on the HoneyComb and break into the u-boot command line. Then run these commands

sf probe
sf erase 0 0x4000000
load mmc 0:1 0x90000000 lx2160acex7_2000_700_2400_8_5_2_flexspi_nor_ee5c233.img
sf write 0x90000000 0 0x800000

Obviously replacing the load filename with the image version you downloaded. After that is finished change the boot select jumper on the CEX7 module to spi-nor and everything should boot.

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Where I can get information about jumper settings for boot from spi-nor?

The jumper settings are silk screened onto the CEX7 module next to the jumper select block. Booting to SPI-NOR is all jumpers set towards the edge of the board.

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