Cubox-m is not booting up

I am not able to boot up cubox m while connecting with micro usb. Moreover, its mandatory to establish serial connection via minicom but it was not showing any actions regarding booting on minicom screen, its getting frozen (image attached )

Software setup :

  1. power jack
  2. ethernet cable
  3. micro sd card(with debian image)
  4. micro usb

After the software setup, we have connected the device to linux pc, but there is no LED blink in the hardware or any prompt on pc on connection.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Can you provide the link, or the specific image name that you downloaded?

I have downloaded the following image as specified in user guide for cubox-m :


okay and you have verified that the usb serial device is showing up on the host computer? Some cables have a larger connector cover that can sometimes interfere with the micro-usb getting plugged in all the way.

Just wanted to inform that we have tried to connect the hardware with laptop with 3 different micro USB cables, yet the issue persists of not booting up.
Can you please suggest any alternative way to boot up the cubox-m ?
How do we resolve the issue?

There are 2 things you need to test separately. The first is, if you plug a usb cable into the laptop is the device recognized as a serial port on the host computer? This will happen regardless of the status of the device as the usb to uart adapter on the board is powered by the usb connection.

If you are getting a serial port device on the host computer then you need to focus on how you are flashing the firmware to the SDHC card. If the SOC does not see a valid firmware on the device then it will go into USB recovery mode.

The usb cable that came in the kit seems to have loose connection with the device and the device is not recognized as a serial port on the host computer. Even on connecting the device with other microUSBs, still it is not recognized on the host computer.


This can be an issue with a lot of USB cables. Especially those more designed towards the mobile market where flush mount connectors are more common. What I have done is taken a standard ikea micro-usb cable and cut back the rubber housing and this allows a full connection into the UART.


We have checked and tested that the image was correctly stored into SD card after the flashing. I guess there must be some issue with device itself. Moreover, we have used multiple Micro USBs but after the serial connection it was not able to detect. Also, when we have connected USBs that time we could not able to get any kind of notifications that device has been connected.

I would like to check that is there any way to replace this device. Can you please confirm with your internal teams? Let us know, it will be a great help.

Thank you

Please email support@solid-run if you need to file for an RMA of the device. Thanks