Cubox i4-Pro no sound card detected. (ArchlinuxARM)

Hey there. Connected some usb headsets to test the audio and when I do:

aplay -l

I get:

aplay: device_list:279: no soundcards found...

Doing lsusb I do see the device:

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 046d:0a8f Logitech, Inc. H390 headset with microphone

I already installed sof-firmware that seemed to work in some cases, not specifically for Cubox.

Ideas? Thanks!

A USB audio device does not depend on any audio codecs of the SOC itself, just a USB connection. Most likely the kernel is missing the driver that is needed for your specific microphone. What kernel / distribution are you using?

Hi Jon:

6.2.10-1-ARCH - ArchLinuxARM

TBH I planned to use the optical output but could not find my subwoofer, so for testing went with a pair of USB headsets I had laying around. Hope I wont have any issues with the S/PDIF out.

I will have to check the mainline device-tree to see if the spdif output is configured in the device-tree

Dont mind. The defaul user “alarm” was not subscribed to the audio group. Edited the /etc/group file, added it and now I do see all devices.


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