Totaly silent LX2160


I’ve just ordered an HoneyComb with LX2160. Just put it on an ATX enclosure connect USB cable on console, started picocom on the right tty @115200 and … NOTHING. Ok perhaps BL is on the MMC, tried out 2 differents SD with latest image => totaly silent.

The fan is starting full speed then decrease @idle, leds are on.

Tried the STM32 port, get the Bootloader device from STM32 that’s all (it seems that no firmware is supplied on it ?!).

What can I check ?


Nicolas F.

Have you double checked the dip switches on the CEX7 module are set to boot from the SD-Card? Which images are you flashing to the sd card?

There was an incorrect patch that was accidentally pushed to the repository. The latest images have this fixed, SolidRun Images