Armada 8040 configure UEFI to boot from SATA/USB/NVME

Hello all! I am hoping I can get some help configuring uefi on my 8040 board
I have downloaded the uefi image from the solid run webiste (SolidRun Images), I have installed it to the eMMC partition 0. I have booted from it and I am presented with the UEFI shell.

How do I tell it to boot from the USB 3.0 port or any of the mPCIe ports preferably not the SDcard as I am hoping to have more durable media to run from. Will the changes I make to uefi be persistent?

Should I install U-Boot onto the SPI flash? IF so I feel like I will have the same problem of configuring it to boot from another media.

General Question:
Is it advisable to use eMMC over the SPI attached flash?

I would like to run fedora or openwrt on this board.

Thank you

Since you are referring to mPCIe ports, then I assume you are using a ClearFog GT8K. Unfortunately we have not released a UEFI port for that board. We recommend using u-boot.

Thank you for the reply! You are correct I have a ClearFog GT8k, I will use u-boot. I thought that 8040 was a shorthand for GT8K. The link in my original post has 8040 in the url and a bootable uefi image.