What type of the PCIe connector is on HummingBoard-T-AM64x?

I only read some documents about TI AM64X and that development board. A type of the PCIe connector is M.2 on the HummingBoard-T . But, mini PCIe connector mounted on the LTE Modem (Quectel EC25) in the TI AM64X-Evalution Kit. The both connector type are not same isn’t it? How to conect the LTE modem and the HummingBoard?

It is why, I will have a WiFi module that have M.2 E-key PCIe connector. Can I mount it on the HummingBoard, and can I use it with no probrem?

AM64 HummingBoard-T has two M.2 connectors:

  1. E-Key (labeled on PCB “M1”) for PCI-E
  2. B-Key (labeled on PCB “M2”) for USB-3.0

We have successfully tested two wifi modules on the first connector:

  • QCNFA222
  • 8260NGW

Note USB-3.0 and PCI-E are mutually exclusive, only one is usable at a time.
Note also mounting cards on both connectors at same time is not recommended due to limited power budget and mounting difficulties with the fixation screw.

Thank you for the reply.
I see a specification of the AM64 HummingBoard, that has M.2 connectors.

I had miss understand the type of the connectors, because there is a LTE Modem with mini-PCI connector on the web page “TI AM64X SITARA SYSTEM ON MODULE”.