No second ethernet on imx8m Mini HummingBoard Pulse

I used this branch of the yocto build: and for some reason I only have on ethernet interface available when I type ip a. Is there a device tree change I need to make?

It looks like the Debian image from solidrun also only has one ethernet interface.

What is the serial number of your SOM?
There are two types of the imx8m-mini SOM, one of them should not support the second Ethernet
(that one includes the AI accelerator chip on the SOM)


This is the SN on the board. It looks like there is an WGI210IT intel Ethernet controller that goes to the second RJ45 on the board. I’m guessing if I enable the KConfig it should work.

Just looked at the defconfig and the E1000E Ethernet driver is set to y.

Your unit including the AI GF chip on the som, so you can’t use the second Ethernet, because the AI GF chip connected to the pcie and the I20 Nic need pcie and the imx8mm mini som have a single pcie it’s documented in the imx8m mini som page

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So which hummingboard pulse has both Ethernets enabled? I don’t care if it is iMX8M Mini or Plus, just want to make sure I get the right board.

You have IMX8M Mini SOM (with AI Accelerator) + HummingBoard pulse = SRMM8QDW0GD02GE008U01CH
Here you can find the Solidrun SKU Guide-

All HummingBoard Pulse includes two ethernet ports (One directly from the CPU and the other via PCIe NIC).
The second ethernet depends on the SOM to provide the PCIe connection,
in the IMX8M Mini have single PCIe interface → we have two assembly options (two types):
1- SOM with AI Accelerator - use the PCIe interface in the SOM for the AI Accelerator (should not support the second ethernet)
2- SOM without the AI Accelerator - use the PCIe in the HummingBoard Pulse for the PCIe NIC to support the second ethernet
Note: you have the option 1.

So with the IMX8M Mini & HummingBoard Pulse the second ethernet is available only if the AI Accelerator is not assembled,
if you need to use the second ethernet you should buy the IMX8M Mini type without the AI Accelerator chip.

Thanks for the update.

Will the HummingBoard Pulse that uses the iMX8M Plus SoM always have both Ethernets, since the SoM has two Ethernet PHYs?

There are always the two Ethernet networks with the iMX8M Plus SOM