Ubuntu Server 22.04 | Glitchy Graphics | Mesa Patching

I’ve recently followed the instructions given in Wooty-B’s guide to patch Mesa but I’m not having much luck. If I follow these instructions, the build/install succeeds but the UI fails to start leaving me with a black screen.

I’ve read elsewhere that it may no longer be necessary to patch Mesa if you are running a “rolling release” distro but going to 22.3.3, the latest available from the kisak repo for Ubuntu makes no difference.

Is there some step I’m missing? What additional information, logging etc, can I provide to get a bit of a pointer?

My GPU is an AMD R550, and when I mention glitchy graphics in the title 'm referring to wonky drop downs and flickering widgets. I’m assuming this is the reason we would want to patch Mesa in the first place, right?

with 22.3 you no longer need to patch mesa to workaround the amdgpu Xorg issues. You can add this snippet to your drirc.d directory. Workaround X11 corruption with amdgpu on HoneyComb with mesa 22 · GitHub

Thanks Jon, I’m very happy to report that this works on Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS and Mesa 22.3.3.

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