How to build the image with RT(realtime) patch?

I need one image with RT patch to enhance CPU performance.

Now the steps which I have already done are

  • download pre-build image from Solid-run website and flash image to HW HoneyComb and ClearFog CX
  • check the version for kernel, it’s Linux localhost 5.4.47-00007-g8edfda9bc
  • can clone source code from github and complete building the image locally
  • can get the RT-5.4.47- patch from Ubuntu website

Then what’s the next step? How to build the new image with RT(realtime) patch?



NXP already has a specific -RT patches branch for the LX2160a kernel. We are working to port this into our lx2160a_build BSP and will update you shortly.


OK, thank you.

Hi Jon,

Just to check the new image is available?

Ad can you please share the link for this image with RT patch to me by email?

Some information can not be public from company side. Your understanding will be more than appreciated.

Thank you!

I understand your concerns, but the -RT patchset is public GPL code and already publicly available through NXP’s repositories. We will make this a build option in our lx2160a_build repository as a choice for any customer to use. How you implement does not need to be disclosed in public or private to us. Thanks for understanding that we build our products around an open source BSP and any non NRE work will be publicly available for all our customers to benefit from.

Hi Jon,

So the new lx2160a_build repository with RT patch is available now?


You can enable building a preempt_rt kernel with our lx2160a_build project by applying the following patch.

diff --git a/ b/
index 667b5cf..3842d72 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
 if [ "x$SHALLOW" == "xtrue" ]; then
        SHALLOW_FLAG="--depth 1"
@@ -132,7 +133,12 @@ for i in $QORIQ_COMPONENTS; do
                # Release LSDK-20.12
                if [ "x$i" == "xlinux" ] && [ "x$RELEASE" == "xLSDK-20.12" ]; then
-                       CHECKOUT=LSDK-20.12-V5.4
+                 if [ "x$i" == "xlinux" ] && [ "x$RELEASE" == "xLSDK-20.12" ]; then
+                       if [ "x$PREEMPT_RT" == "xtrue" ]; then
+                               CHECKOUT=LSDK-20.12-V5.4-RT
+                       else
+                               CHECKOUT=LSDK-20.12-V5.4
+                       fi
                # Release LSDK-20.4
                if [ "x$i" == "xu-boot" ] && [ "x$RELEASE" == "xLSDK-20.04" ]; then

NXP’s documentation can be found here.