Inconsistent/Unreliable Boots

I have a Honeycomb lx2. I’m using the uefi sd image from the download
pages ( SolidRun Images ). Sometimes it
boots to EFI then grub then to Linux. Sometimes it boots to EFI then
grub but grub crashes and then sometimes it doesn’t even make it to EFI.
Then it doesn’t book to EFI, the fan spins up and then down. When it
boots to EFI and beyond, the fan spins up and stays up (until Linux if
it makes it that far). The most annoying problem is that it tends to
at least get past EFI if I leave the machine plugged in but off for a
while, then the next boot will generally work. But this means debugging
other issues is extremely slow.

As a side note, I’m getting SATA errors a lot. I’ve switch out the
cables and ports but they’re still there.

I’m using 16GB ECC ram sticks if that matters. I can find out the exact
model number if needed.

If you are seeing inconsistent booting then that is most likely related to the SATA errors you are seeing if you are trying to boot from them. Generally I have found that 40cm cables are the most reliable lengthy of cables.

The fan controller behaviour is correct. On boot we drive the full speed fan control and leave that driven until the host OS initializes the TZ ACPI code. This is to protect a system that may possibly crash in a bad state and not be sufficiently cooled.

If you could join our discord channel on the developer ecosystem server it would be easier to debug your issues in realtime.