RT linux kernel download

Hello team,
I tired to download the RT linux with the below modification for tag added

Cloing qoriq-components/linux - Linux Tree for QorIQ support release LSDK-21.08

Release LSDK-21.08

            if [ "x$i" == "xlinux" ] && [ "x$RELEASE" == "xLSDK-21.08" ]; then

Below error is observed in built.
Cloning into ‘linux’…
fatal: Remote branch LSDK-21.08-V5.4-RT not found in upstream origin

That is correct. You need to check the tags available here. qoriq-components/linux - Linux Tree for QorIQ support

also for for the board do we have specific switch setting to make the board reboot from remote power [ON OFF ]- incase there is board freeze or hang issue.


I don’t fully understand what you mean. Do you mean if the power supply is powered on and off you want to board to automatically power on?

yes correct in NXP 2160 ARDB board there is default switch setting to make the board to auto power on when power is made off and on.

auto power on can be enabled by populating header J39 next to the ATX power connector and jumpering it. This holds the ATX power on signal to ground so the power supply will always provide power to the board when it is powered on.

could you provide which all pins has to shorted on J39 connetor… if any image or doc will be helpful

j39 is only a 2 pin header. You just populate it with a header and can then jumper it to force the PSU to always power on.