Clearfog-lx2160acex7 power off problem during boot

Hello. I bought a clear fog board provided by Solid Run.

I was booting with the image provided after purchase, but there was a problem that the power was turned off during booting.

The boot environment looks like this:

  1. Powered via ATX using its own power supply
  2. Kingston Hyper X 32GB SO-DIMM DDR4 (2 x 16GB) - Solidrun Accessories
  3. SanDisk 16GB - Solidrun Accessories
  4. SD card image - lx2160acex7_2000_700_3200_8_5_2-bc46e34.img.xz

The problem happened like this:

  1. When the first boot after receiving the board, the BL31 powers off without a specific log on TF-A boot.
  2. After removing 1 RAM module (1 x 16GB, bootable) for troubleshooting, the problem goes away. (Boots normally with no problems)
  3. After powering off and rebooting after 24 hours, the power is turned off at the U-boot command input (10 seconds).
  4. For troubleshooting, fix the Solid Run github source to build and lower the bus clock in RCW. After that the problem goes away.
    (Boots normally with no problems)
  5. Power off, and after 4 hours, the power is turned off while U-boot is in progress as in 3.
  6. After replacing the power supply, the above problems disappeared, but another problem occurred.
    6-1. ez2scrub_reap.service - failed
    6-2. systemd-hostnamed.service - failed
    6-3. systemd-logind.service - failed
    6-4 systemd-resolved.service - failed
    6-5 systemd-timesyncd.service - failed

What causes these problems?

I’m not good at English. Written through a translator.