Pcie gen?

This source “https://community.element14.com/technologies/embedded/b/blog/posts/nxp-s-new-qoriq-layerscape-lx2160a-processor-ends-pruritus” said the Lx2160a has a gen 4 pcie lane?, is that true?
(The PCIe ports are also up to date, supporting Gen 4 of the standard).
Ive also found some sources that talks about pcie gen4 controller drivers??.
Heres another source of the pcie gen4 confusion. “NXP® Unveils Highest Performance Layerscape® Networking and

Originally at announcement the LX2160a Rev1 was planned to support PCIe Gen4, however due to issues with the PCIe controller this was reverted by NXP with Rev2 of the chip that went into production. Current hardware only supports Gen3.

Okay, well i think they shouldve tought about that before going public with the wrong precept.
It wouldve been fun to have gen 4 on that board, for future proofing its i/o.

That article was a pre-release product announcement from 2018. All documentation since has been updated with the proper information based on the redesign since the SOC went into full production with PCIe Gen3. All SolidRun documentation only references PCIe Gen3