Options to boot other than SD card on humming board pulse

Hi Team,

Humming Board Pulse is what I’m working on. In addition to the SD card, I want to boot from additional sources. Please include different methods for starting the humming board pulse.


The default Hummingboard Images can load u-boot from uSDHC or eMMC, u-boot itself can boot the host OS from uSDHC, eMMC, USB, or using the network.

May i know the steps to boot image from USB and network.

Our devices are configured to run the standard u-boot distro_boot commands. You can reference the u-boot documentation directly for this information, Generic Distro Configuration Concept — Das U-Boot unknown version documentation

Thanks for reply.

The lock pin in the SD card port on my board is broken. I simply want to boot board using the other method I previously explained. So kindly inform me of the steps involved in raising the board.