How boot from internal eMMC boot partion


I want to ask how I can I use the boot partitions on the internal eMMC on my HummingBoard Pulse & i.MX8M Plus.
I think I need to write the u-boot direct to /dev/mmcblk2boot0, but I don’t know how.
I’m using your hardknott yocto release.

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Yes, u-boot needs to be written to the hardware boot partition of the eMMC. We are finishing the CI integration for u-boot and will have standalone u-boot binaries for the board you can use early next week.

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were I will find your CI Integration for u-boot?

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The images will be found here, SolidRun Images , when they are ready. But I will also ping this thread.

Is there also the possibility to get this file from my yocto build?
And how would I flash this file?

We will push the patches to Yocto as well, yes. However that will take a bit more integration since Yocto generally sticks u-boot onto the final image, and for eMMC we generally recommend customers use the hardware boot0/1 partitions

I think I’m going to build a little installer, which will copy the Image to the internal eMMC and should write the u-boot binary to the boot partition.

You can use usb-otg and NXP’s mfgtools to accomplish this, loading a stub u-boot that enables the ability to export the eMMC partitions as usb devices to the host os, then just dd u-boot to boot0

So this “just dd u-boot to boot0” is my key question.
Bitbake generates some u-boot files like:
Which file should I flash and do I need some dd options?