Initial bringup Solidrun Hummingbird Pulse with Q Som

I have 2 Hummingboard Pulse boards with a Quad core processor, and am trying to bring them up. I connected a USB cable to the console port (115200N81), downloaded the latest debian image, and it is not coming up. Nothing is shown on the console port. What am I missing? Was U-Boot installed? If not, how can I get it on there? Can I load it with a Segger J-Link?

I assume you have written the image to a uSDHC card. Could you verify that your boot select switches are set properly. You can use this URL as a reference, HummingBoard Pulse and Ripple Boot Select | SolidRun

The boot switches were incorrect - corrected that - but the Debian images do still not boot - nor show U-Boot coming up. The buildroot images start U-Boot and then boot up. I can use the Buildroot image to bring up U-Boot, swap the SDHC and Debian comes up.

I got it working with a manual hack using gparted

  • delete dos partition on target uSD (buildroot uSD)
  • delete rootfs partition on target uSD (buildroot uSD)
  • copy rootfs Debian partition from Debian uSD to formerly buildroot uSD - leaving 8MB from start free - so the u-boot blob doesn’t get overwritten.

and voila - it boots

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