OPNsense for LX2160 boards?

Hello SolidRun community!

What do you think about OPNsense firewall for NXP LX2016 boards?
Provided that there will be support for DPAA2.
To what extent can it be interesting, necessary and in demand?

OPNsense is a BSD based system. All though there is some work being done to add networking support for the LX2160a under FreeBSD it is still quite a ways from being complete. Really the only way to leverage OPNsense on the LX2160a would be running it in a VM with NIC virtualization.

Hi @jnettlet !

In fact, although the current stable version of FreeBSD does not have network
support for the LX2160a, the dpaa2 driver can already be installed
by patching the kernel source code.

And my HoneComb LX2 has been connected
via twisted pair for more than a month and shows a stable speed of 938Mbit/s.

And the dpaa2 project for FreeBSD is actively developed.

Yes, there is no SFP support yet,
but now you can try to make a custom build of OPNsense.

Is this interesting to anyone besides me?

Probably OPNsense will be more interesting on CLEARFOG.

New projects running on our hardware are always interesting. I think there is a lot more work to provide an optimized firewall on the LX2160a than just getting the networking stack functional. Ideally work would need to be done to integrated the compression and crypto acceleration blocks of the hardware.

where are these “patches” i was under the impression FreeBSD ran ok on the Honeycomb.

I recommend you ask the FreeBSD community regarding the support. This is not something that we generally interact with. Basic FreeBSD does work with the SystemReady certified parts, PCIe, AHCI, XHCI but that does not include all features of the board.

@Dingo FreeBSD just runs on HoneyComb,
I am using ACPI mode. To activate Ethernet
We need to build a new kernel from these sources

welp being a freebsd developer, and opnsense advocate lets see how far i get with this tree :slight_smile: