LX2162A RCW source config pins

I’m planning to use LX2162A SOM and trying to understand possible boot source options. Due to simplified schematics (https://solidrun.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/developer/pages/197494140/LX2162A+SOM+Hardware+User+Manual#Simplified-Schematics) all CFG_RCW_SRC[3:0] pins are tied to OVDD thus enabling boot from FlexSPI Serial NOR flash (4’b1111). CFG_RCW_SRC3 and CFG_RCW_SRC2 are connected to SOM interface connector - so i can control them from my own development board. But LX2162A Reference Manual ( Selecting the RCW Source and “Flash Mode”) states that src3 is used to select hard-coded RCW options and it is not what i need. So i have only 2 possible options to select boot source using pin src2 - 4’b1111 and 4’b1011. But 4’b1011 value is reserved making src2 useless. So looks like i have no ability to choose boot source, only Serial NOR Flash could be used. Is it correct?

My fault - haven’t noticed that CFG0/1 pins are multiplexed with UART1_TXD/UART2_TXD and are actually connected to external connector (although marked on schematics as corresponding UART pins).