LX2160A second RCW source

Hello! I’m using LX2160A clearfog development board and trying to implement reliable boot in case of failure of one of the boot sources (eMMC/SD/SPI).

LX2160A Reference Manual (Rev. 0RH, 07/2020) in detailed Power-On reset description (4.9.5, table 11, stage 13) points that it is possible to use second RCW source

If the Service processor detects that the RCW loading failed, it initiates RCW loading from a second RCW source. If boot fails from the RCW loaded at offset 0 or 0x1000 (in case of SD), the boot ROM searches for RCW at 8 MB (8 MB + 0x1000 for SD) offset on the device.

I’m little bit confused with this description - what really happens if boot fails? where the second RCW source is selected? Does the boot process try to read RCW from first boot source (using 2 offsets) and if these 2 attempts fails it performs another 2 attempts (with 2 different offsets)?

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If you don’t get a reply in a reasonable amount of time ping this thread and I will try and follow up with NXP.

Looks like it’s time to ping this thread since i haven’t got any reply on NXP forum

okay, I will try to track down NXP on this.

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