Looking for OpenWRT image with ADP and MMP modules

Years back when I first bought the Clearfog Pro board there was an OpenWRT image which came with the Accelerated Data Path kernel module (adp_fastpath). Well, my boot media broke and I’m in need to reflash it and would like to use this image again as I had it working with great performance, but seeing how both the wiki and forum has changed since then I’m unable to locate this image file.

Does anyone else know where this can be found now, or have a backup of the image?

The image used a binary module provided by Marvell which is no longer available. Much of the work implemented there is now supported directly in the kernel using DPDK, and XDP. Marvell also has there older openfastpath repos available here, GitHub - MarvellEmbeddedProcessors/ofp-marvell at ofp-armada-17.10

Thank you for clearing that up @jnettlet . When you say it’s implemented in XDP and DPDK, do you mean that the hardware acceleration has been merged to upstream as well?