How to use VPP on the ClearFog CN9130-Pro

I want to use DPDK + VPP on the ClearFog CN1930-Pro board.
The DPDK was built using cn913x_build.
VPP was installed as a package with apt-get.

How can I use eth0 and eth2 interfaces on the CN1930-Pro board in vpp?

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This is a better question for the community. In general an interface that is in use by the kernel NIC driver cannot be used directly via DPDK, so requires unbinding the eth* interface and then you configure your DPDK application in this case to use the DPDK interface that is exposed.

I know the initial Aarch64 ports for were done using the Macchiatobin board which uses the same DPDK implementation as the CN913x based boards.

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Are you saying that behavior was only tested on Macchiatobin boards?
Then can’t the cn9130-Pro board expose the eth* interface as a DPDK interface?
Is it the same reason why I can’t see the interface in

DPDK does not use the kernel NIC drivers. It access the hardware directly from userspace.

If it worked for the Macchiatobin then it will work for any of the products based on the CN913x SOCs.

Hello thanks for answer.

I found a document on the MACCHIATObin board to test with VPP: Marvel device plugin for VPP

Thank you for your response.

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