Is PCIe Driver available?


I have gone through the CLEARFOG CN9130 PRO datasheet found PCIe ports available on HardWare.
so my question is can they provide PCIe drivers in their SoftWare support?
let me know the driver’s availability in the software package.
Also, if I want to build a driver externally to the Board how I can do that?


The PCIe driver is already included in mainline Linux. It is functional both in our BSP in and most mainline based Linux distributions.

Thanks for this information.

one more thing do you idea about CPSS support available for the SolidRun CLEARFOG CN9130 PRO.
I have asked questions on this forum separately regarding this but still not getting a response on it.
so if you have anything can you please share it with me?

This will be answered by the BSP in your original thread.


Thanks for your reply.
I got the response for this query on a separate thread.