IDE for iMx8M Plus

Hi, I’m Anthony, who is newbie in embedded linux (Yocto or Debian) development.

could you teach me what is the IDE tools for edit/compile/debug kernel/application source code? is it possible to use Visual Studio Code? I think J-link+IAR is too expensive for development, any suggestion is welcome. Thanks

first thanks for joining the forums.

Debian really doesn’t have a particular IDE, it is more a general distribution for testing and existing Linux development projects.

Yocto does have an IDE that is documented and iMX8M Plus is not different from their other targets, however I understand as a beginner you may need pointers. I will try to do a quick bringup and development video and iMX8M Plus on HummingBoard and documentation on this topic. Yocto’s default IDE is Eclipse.

I have seen write ups on using Visual Studio Code with Yocto but have not worked with this implementation yet. I will take a quick look at it and see how it works with our products.

J-Link is good for very low level development, but in general you should be able to do well with standard UART / USB / and Network debug options for development. We have already done most the low level bootloader and kernel development for you and jtag debugging is generally not needed for most applications.