I want to install a fanless heatsink, but I’m having a hard time to find out the correct form factor from the specs of the one used in your board


I want to install a fanless heatsink, but I’m having a hard time to find out the correct form factor from the specs of the one used in your board. Who should I talk to about this at Solid Run?


Hi Daniel,

The CPU fan has the popular 40x40 form factor. You can find many manufacturers

of fans in this size.

We have been using so far a 39x39mm heatsink with fan which we have purchased from Aliexpress.

Below are pictures showing the heatsink and fan

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I believe the important measurements you are looking for is the 59mm mounting pin spacing. This spacing was popular for northbridge and other chipset, as well as GPU mounts. If you search for those types of heatsinks you should find options available on the market. Just note that there are board components close to the 40x40mm SOC area so cooling options larger than that will need a vertical offset to clear them.


I was struggling to find a bigger cooler, but then I came across AABCOOLING NB Cooler 1 | Producers \ AABCOOLING Computers and Laptops \ Chipset Cooler | Tytuł sklepu zmienisz w dziale MODERACJA \ SEO

Removing the existing cooler was a little fiddly, but installing the above cooler was pretty easy. It seems to fit really well, and there seems to be a good amount of mounting pressure.

I tried two 40mm Noctua fans on the replacement cooler, a 10mm thick one and a 20mm thick one. I tested with stress on all cores. With the thin one, the CPU temperature hit 70 degrees on the hottest core. With the thicker one, the hottest core was 66/67 degrees, around 4 degrees lower. With either fan, it was much quieter, which is what I was going for.

Thanks for reporting back you success with that cooler. We are going to start a HoneyComb build thread soon so customers can document their custom builds as a reference for others to use.


FYI Noctua’s 40x40x20 fans do the job quite well I find.

I guess you’re referring to the 12V 40x40x20 PWM fan “NF-A4x20 PWN” as described at NF-A4x20 PWM ?

It would be great if SolidRun would provide the full specs of the stock “GDSTIME” Fan. Unfortuantely it doesn’t feature a part number but just “12V 0.1A” rating which doesn’t tell us much in terms of CFM/airflow or static pressure

@jnettlet: Did that Honeycomb build thread materialize? I’d be very interested in hearing about what others built, particularly in terms of a proper option for cooling, which maximizes airflow (and hence no CPU thermal throttling) while keeping noise levels at a reasonal level.

Yes, that fan.
Its noise is low enough for me, however it seems it’s a little hot. No thermal measure to check though.
A thermal paste would be my next addition if it was needed.

Ive got a water cooled lx2k with a heat sink / custom block in a ghost s2 mini case. I need to pull the covers off for a photo op.