Dimmensions for enclosures


I’m searching for a bit of help/ideas for an enclosure for this board. I plan to use this as a network appliance, so the smaller the better.

Would something in the style of silverstone’s mini 1U case work? I haven’t been able to find height dimensions of this board anywhere…

  • Does the 2x2 SFP cage fit inside a normal I/O cutout?
  • Does the width of SFP to QSFP fit inside a normal I/O cutout?
  • What is the height of the carrier board + COM riser + heatsink/fan?

For reference, the silverstone linked above has likely ~35mm clearance from standoffs.
What have people found for enclosures?

The board fits anything that is standard mITX form factor. All the I/O will fit in a standard ATX rear opening. For height clearance on a 1RU case you will need a custom low profile heatsink and fan. The stock heatsink / fan needs about 40mm of clearance. That Silverstone case you linked to will not work as that is designed for Thin Mini-ITX which is a different standard. However something like this Chieftec case will work fine. IX-01B-OP-Chieftec

Thanks so much @jnettlet !

I’ve ordered from one of your stockists (digikey) and am looking forward to when it arrives!

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