HummingBoard2 iMX6SDL eMMC and SD Card problem

Hello All,

I have a HummingBoard2 iMX6SDL, and it is a SolidSense product with the nordic BLE add-on module.

When I try to boot the board from the SD card it does not boot.

When I install the basic debian image in the SD card, it boots correctly:

But, when I try to flash the SolidSense images (SolidSense, SolidSense-Azure) it does not want to boot.

I followed this SolidSense Azure wiki:

Also, I tried to build an image using Yocto with the n6g board which is defined in [meta-solidrun-solidsense], then I tried using USB OTG with UUU:

UUU detects the board but it fails to load the image with the error: “Invalid IVT header”.

I want to install the SolidSense Azure image into my HummingBoard2 board, also I want a way to run the Yocto image.


I did not get that far myself, but… did you remove the jumpers to be 12 34 78?