How can i do smart config for 1MW Murata Wi-Fi module?


Could you please let me know the smart configuration procedure for 1MW Murata wi-fi module in access point mode. I am using i.MX 8M NXP controller with SDIO interface with Wi-Fi module.

I have understood that TI developed this provisioning technology for easy connect of STA to the Un-provisioned Wi-Fi AP. Do we have similar technology for above?

Looking forward for your quick response.


I was not aware of any of the Cypress based chipsets that support DPP (their implementation of Easy Connect) in SoftAP mode. Infineon does provide their non-upstreamed driver and patchset that does include DPP support in the brcmfmac driver, but I believe that is only in STA mode. If you have pointers to TI’s implementation I will gladly take a look at it.

I have looked into this smart config provided for ESP32 by TI.

SmartConfig - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation (

Please let me know if any possibility to achieve the smart config in wi-fi module.

Those patches are only for the device to be registered automatically to a DPP enabled wifi network. The infineon patchset does add support for this in the brcmfmac driver, with accompanying firmware and wpa_supplicant patches. Neither implement seems to integrate this when the device is working as an AP.