BLE &Wifi reference schematic is missing in rev 1.2 SOM

Dear team,

we are using i.MX8M plus processor in our application and purchased the humming board

so BLE & Wifi we are validating and the reference schematic is missing in attached link below could you please suggest where we can find the reference scheamatic.

I have notified the hardware and web team regarding this topic. I will post when the oversight has been resolved. You should be able to use the rev1.1 simplified schematic as a reference for now as the wifi/bt has not changed between revisions.

Thanks for valuable reply
even Rev 1.1 simplified schematic BLE/Wifi reference schematic is missing

Hi Jnettlet,

Thank you so much for sharing reference schematic could you please share the PDF file if available and Antenna part number which is used in the BLE

We had a follow up query regarding the same.
We were wondering if there is any indication LED for BLE pairing?
Alongside with that also is there some indication that can convey if the Wi-Fi is in station mode or Access Point mode.
If yes please suggest us some reference, if not please mention us some kind of a workaround which can get us this functionality. Any leads are greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance