Wifi connection for Yocto Harknott building Hummingboard Mate

I can’t find any optimal information about wifi connection for yocto and Hummingboard Mate.

I’m trying to setting up wifi connection for Hummingboard Mate following these tutorials (there is not any information in any SolidRun webpage):

But for my Yocto system it doesn’t work.

My system is: Yocto Hardknott, with RealSense layer, building by imx-image-full.

When I’m doing ping, I receive “Network is unreachable”.

How should I set up the wifi configuration?

Thank you so much.

Are you looking for just general wifi connectivity, or a custom solution? In general I recommend using connman or networkmanager for wireless connectivity. Otherwise you would need to configure the system to use hostapd/wpad to initialize your wireless connection. Also make sure your wifi and bluetooth connections are unblocked by rfkill using the rfkill list command.

I want a general wifi connectivity, I found some message on other thread about connman, that’s works fine for me. Thank you so much!