Geekbench scores?

Just wondering why there are no geekbench scores, i mean why not?
Its probably the best way to be able to compare to other cpus and performances comparision.
Please do give a light to this.

There are plenty of Geekbench 5 scores…Originally there weren’t any because GeekBench did not have an Aarch64 Linux client. Also GeekBench is a very poor comparison tool for workloads. Phoronix TestSuite or something similar is far better.

Well ok, great news where can i find those scores?,
Its just for reference reasons.
Not that i require it for full proofing.

They are on the geekbench site, by default all scores are posted there.

Hi, jon.
I read the geekbench scores and they all seem to not make any sense at all, for some reason geekbench is only utilizing a singe processor and using it as a multicore processor for its multithreading, benchmarks.
You can check out the link to help me see if there is an explanation for it.

That is just an issue with how GeekBench is determining the CPU layout. It sees the entire layout as 1 core and 16 threads, rather than 16 individual cores.