Does the sata controller supports port multiplier?

I was checking out a product on amazon that takes in two m.2 msata drives into one sata slot.
The thing is it does work when configured in raid.
For it to function in [JUST A BUNCH OF DRIVES] jbod config the host sata controller must support port multiplier.
Here is a link to the product in question:
And here is the description that brought my knowledge into question “if you intend to use JBOD (don’t intend to use RAID) then make sure that your SATA port/controller supports Port Multiplier.”

Per the reference manual the SATA controller does support Port Multipliers.

However this feature has not been tested on our designs.

Woa thanks, how come i didnt see that.
Well since its said that it does supports it.
There is no looking back then.
Thanks again!